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    The f50 multipurpose vocal dynamic microphone embodies a tight and uniformly controlled cardioid polar pattern which assists in isolating the vocals from the instruments on stage. The f50 is also available with a noiseless, magnetic on/off switch (f50S). Applications - Multi-purpose vocals- Drums, Guitar cabinets- Acoustic instruments- Home studio recording
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    Special microphone for bass drums The D6 is a dynamic microphone which is outstanding at reproducing especially low frequencies. Offering a frequency range from 30 Hz to 15 kHz, it is therefore ideally suited for recording kick drums, bass cabinets/combos and other similar instruments.
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    Professional Dynamic Instrument Microphone
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    All-purpose professional dynamic instrument microphone
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    Professional Dynamic Instrument Microphone The ability to handle SPLs in excess of 144 dB, the D4 dynamic instrument microphone is an excellent choice for miking instrument requiring precise, low frequency reproduction such as large rack toms, floor toms, cajon, djembe, tympani, leslie bottom, bass flute, saxophone and baritone saxophone, trombone, acoustic bass, bass cabinets and small kick drum
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