Guarantee cover Products & Equipments

purchased for 12 months after purchase. The warranty covers:

spare parts and the repair fees during the warranty period

as explained above (12 months).

Ektar will repair the damages so long as the original invoice

is presented with the item taking into consideration the date

of purchase and according to the following conditions : The

warranty covers the machines only, not accessories. The

warranty is only valid in Saudi Arabia.

The Warranty is considered void in the following cases :

- Misuse on the customer’s part, trying the Products & Equipments

or testing in a wrong manner, modifying its properties

or deforming its exterior enclosure in any way.

- The damage cause by the use of illegal software and

unauthorized applications or accessories.

- Any act of maintenance done outside of Ektar authorized

- If the device was subject to an attempt of disassembly

or any dents or liquids and the damage cause by the irregular

electric current.

- The gradual damage caused by humidity, dust and what not.

- The changing of the serial number.

- The damaged caused by not adhering to the guidlinelines

accompained with the device.

- The customer is to be charged the maintenance fees in

case if his device doen’t have a factory damage or if it is

out of warranty.

The customer may not claim his uncollected item 90 days

after it was submitted and Ektar has the right to deal with

it in the way they see