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Powermate Mixer  16 input , Dynacord PM-1600-3

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  • 2x 1000 W/4 Ohm RMS
  • 2x 600 W/8 Ohm
  • 2x 1350 W/2.7 Ohm
  • 12 Mic/Line XLR inputs with 3-band semi parametric EQ
  • 4 Mic-/Stereo line combi-inputs with 3-band-EQ
  • 2x 24-Bit stereo effects processor with fixed presets and editable/storable user presets
  • 2x FX/AUX for internal effects device
  • 2x AUX Pre/Post switchable
  • 2x Monitor AUX (pre)
  • Mute per channel
  • Switchable 80 Hz low-cut
  • Switchable Voicing Filter per XLR input
  • Feedback filter for MON 1-2
  • New 11-band EQ routed to the master channels
  • B-Master output for recording or mono-subwoofer, etc
  • USB Interface for music playback or output for recording applications (up to 4 tracks at the same time)
  • Integrated Midi interface in/out
  • Switched-mode power supply
  • Integrated loudspeaker protection
  • Speaker Twist outputs
  • Volex mains input
  • Dimensions (incl. lid): 663.5 x 164.5 x 571.5 mm
  • Weight with lid: 17 kg
  • Incl. Transport lid with  integrated handle and Cubase LE license
  • 3 Year manufacturer warranty
  • Optional accessories: Gooseneck lamp 12V/5W 4-pin, 12" XLR 4-pin, FS11 foot switch (not included)

Ektar Guarantee (Manufacture warranty) on all devices against manufacturing defects

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