Finally, Ecler in the Saudi market

In terms of EKTAR’s reputation and position in the Saudi market for audio systems that have been our property for over 28 years.
Our experience has been the greatest catalyst to accept international companies specializing in audiovisual systems to represent them in the Saudi market, including the Spanish manufacturer ECLER, specialized in designing and manufacturing professional audiovisual whole solutions to fulfill all needs, from streaming players to networked remote controls including a whole range of DSPs, amplifiers and speakers (both wired and wireless).

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About Ecler

Throughout these 56 years, since Ecler’s birth back in 1965, we have always developed our professional audio catalogue trying to listen to you.

Today Ecler still keeps this aim untouched. We understand that these days technology, quickly changing, must be a flexible tool to provide global and integrable audio solutions, more than just individual products.

We keep focusing on innovation and design, both essential. And we spot how they really add value: amazing features combined with a user-friendly and ergonomic approach for the end-user, the non-technical character of the story, but indeed the main one.

We realise that today AV integration has become a growing and solid market, frequently encouraging companies towards a global scope, which requests for global audio partners, as we are.

A global green awareness is, happily, growing as well. We are proud of being part of this vital commitment, taking care of the planet with products designed for energy-saving and manufactured with sustainable policies.

Ecler is ready to offer you a quality sound solution for every audio installation and integration challenge you may face up. This was the goal, and we honestly think it’s been achieved.